Congo DR

UNILU: University of Lubumbashi 

SPH: School of Public Health


History of SPH – UNILU

The School of Public Health of the University of Lubumbashi (SPH-UNILU) was created in 2003 and provides since a formal graduate training to health professionals and other personnel intended to work in the health sector. The master’s degree training was introduced in 2005 with the pedagogical support of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Prince Leopold and the financial support of the Free University of Brussels.


The SPH-UNILU has two main goals:

  • To train health professionals capable for effectively working at local, intermediate and national level
  • To carry out quality research in the field of public health

Training in the field of Public Health

The training offered at the SPH-UNILU focuses on Health service Organization and Disease Control.

Country or context information

The SPH-UNILU is the second public health school in the DR Congo, the first being the School of Public Health of the University of Kinshasa, the capital city. Congo DR is a big country (2 345 Km2) situated in Central Africa with a population estimated at 65,000,000 inhabitants. Lubumbashi is about 2000 Km (two flying hours) far from Kinshasa. After several years of political crisis and war (from 1990 to 2003), the whole health system of Congo DR was destroyed. Hence, by organizing a training focusing on Health service Organization and Disease Control, the SPH-UNILU responds effectively to a felt need. This is why participants come from different country provinces.

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