Ministry of Health – National School of Public Health (ENSP) (FORMER INAS)

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Contact info: Tel. +212 (0)5 37 68 31 61 Fax. +212 (0)5 37 68 31 62

Address: Lamfadel Cherkaoui Street, Madinat Al Irfane-BP: 6329 Rabat - Morocco


History of ENSP (former INAS)

INAS (National Institute of Health Administration) started its activities in September 1989 and was institutionalized by the Prime Minister Decree N°2-93-752 in March 10th 1994. It was assimilated to a Central Department of the Ministry of Health.

The Institute is recognized as an institution for training senior professionals type A by the Ministry of National Education of Higher Education, Professional Training and Scientific Research. INAS is placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Health. Since 1993, INAS is recognized by the WHO as a Collaborating Center for the Training and Research in Health Administration and Public Health.

In 8 April 2013, The decree n°2.12.904 established a new status to the establishment. it become an institution of higher education not linked to universities. Thus, it's name become The National School of Public Health.

It's placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Health but it's regulated by the 01-00 law that apply to higher education institutions. Consequently, the ENSP will be able to align its educational norms to international standards.


The ENSP has four mission: training, research, expertise and  service providing in Public Health and Health Service Organization.

Indeed, the ENSP provide:

  • A Master Level Training in Health Service Management and Public Health that prepares managers for leadership roles and management positions in Health System.
  • An initial training organized in courses for bachelor, Masters and Doctorate.

The establishment ensures expertise and counseling in Public Health and Health Service Managebment field.

Also it organize seminars, workshops, conferences and roundtables for the sake of public and private organizations

The ENSP contributes to health system research and knowledge sharing through technological and scientific PhD program, and by participating in regional, national and international research projects in Public Health and Health Service Management

In the Master’s training, four options are offered:

  • Health Services Management
  • Health Program Management
  • Epidemiology in Public Health
  • Family Healthcare and Community Health 

Organization and diploma


The courses are organized into three components: theoretical teaching, field training, and a professional thesis. the duration of this master's courses are six semesters. At the end of these courses candidates are given a diploma in public health and health service management and are required to fulfill management positions in healthcare management field. Moreover, the ENSP will provide also graduates with bachelor degrees, master degrees and PHD degrees.


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