2016 Kampala LINQED workshop announcement

26 May 2016

Dear LINQED member,

Dear colleague,

We are happy to announce the eighth annual workshop of the LINQED educational network. The workshop will be held at the Uganda Martyrs University (Faculty of Health Sciences), Kampala, Uganda from 17th till 20th May 2016.

As you can see in the program outline, we will continue to explore, exchange and learn about cooperative learning and critical thinking. The following two new themes will be introduced in the 2016 workshop: Educational research & Educational leadership. To maximize the impact of the learning/workshop, it is important that participants can play active roles with regard to these topics at their home institutions.

Financial rule for participation:

LINQED will finance maximum two participants per member institution, within the available DGD budget. Additional participants are very welcome to attend, however the related costs will have to be covered by the sending institution(s).

Choosing / delegating workshop participants:

The network aims at a participant who is directly involved at course level (including teaching) and a second person from the central or education policy level. Of course it is important that both persons have or can play a role in shaping teaching practice such as thesis supervision or course design. In addition, a combination of a returning* and a new participant was agreed to be a good approach for embedding network activities in member institutions.

All participants will be asked to complete a  registration form which allows us to collect all necessary information for logistic arrangements.

Deadline for registration is March 7, 2016.

Note: requirements for participation:

All the participants of this workshop will be kindly asked to complete a few assignments before the workshop (detailed information will be provided in March/April).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any question.

We’re looking forward to receive your applications.

Lai Jiang
LINQED coordinator

On behalf of

The LINQED Executive Committee members

El-Marie Mostert, Jyotsna Rimal, Gandes Retno Rahayu and John F. Mugisha

LINQED promoter

Govert van Heusden

* A returning participant refers to a person who has participated in LINQED workshop before (2008-2015)

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