Faculty of Health Sciences of Uganda Martyrs University, Annual technical retreat 2014

14 Jul 2014

UMU-summer Newsletter


Each year the faculty of Health Sciences holds a “Technical retreat”, an occasion earmarked for planning activities for the following academic year. Discussions focus on lessons learnt in the previous years and a re-focus of energies and skills for improvement in the upcoming academic year. The 2014 Technical faculty retreat was held at 4 Pals Hotel at Kyengera, Kampala on 19th and 20th June. Twelve academic staff and 1 member of the administrative staff participated.


The theme of this year’s retreat was: “Repositioning the faculty for improved performance”. This theme was carefully chosen to reflect changes suggested in the new faculty strategic plan 2014-2018. Key areas were: Improving functionality of the faculty towards the key performance areas; Improving accountability structures and practices; Improving sustainability; Improving the development of human resources and contributions towards professional training. During the plenary sessions members further discussed 'What kind of transformative learning experiences are we providing to our students to prepare them for the changing world in which they will live and work?'.

The retreat gave academic and administrative staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences the opportunity to engage in an open discussion about various topics and expand on them in the plenary session. The retreat also offered interactive activities concerning the work plan. Annual faculty calendar schedules were set up for several interactive activities, and the supervision of students thesis/dissertation at different stages of their study was improved. Some of the key outcomes: an improved planning for the new academic year, including plans to conduct Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) programmes on, for example, thesis supervision using a critical thinking model, on 4C Instruction Model, LQAS, 2014/15. Sharing lessons learnt, those of the LINQED network included, with the rest of the staff was another positive outcome of this successful retreat.

As key output of the retreat  members developed actions and undertakings.

Best practices were shared among all members. What interactive days, these were!


Compiled by Govule Philip, Institutional Coordinator

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