Thesis supervision workshop, 23-28 Feb 2014, Nepal

06 Mar 2014

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From 23 to 28 February 2014, a workshop on thesis supervision was organized twice (3 days per group) in the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Daran, Nepal.Thirty people were trained: 2 participants from UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2 from IPH, India, 16 Nepalese participants, 4 from institutions in Kathamandu and Pokhara, and 12 from different departments of BPKIHS. 

Participants praised the way the training was given and provided honest feedback through the evaluation form as well as via individual emails.

89% of the participants who filled in the online evaluation form expressed their willingness to attend the follow-up training.

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I found this thesis supervision workshop very useful and successful in its goal to deliver the intended concepts and skills among the participants. The resource people were experienced and thorough on the content of their presentations and trained us in a very informal and friendly manner. The Socratic method of training, though it appeared daunting to me in the beginning, was well appreciated by me and other workshop participants. This method prompted us to work in team and lead to self directed learning and knowledge sharing among the team members. Moreover, it helped us to acquire practical skills rather than passive theoretical knowledge in thesis supervision.

This workshop also changed our traditional concept of thesis supervision. It enlightened us that thesis supervision is not just a routine process to help the PG students get their university degree but actually is an art and science and requires a sincere effort and foresightedness of the supervisor. I felt that few initial PowerPoint presentations on the basic principles of thesis supervision would have made the Socratic method of learning even easier and more effective.

I enjoyed the workshop and was very much impressed by the hospitality extended to me by the course organizer. I recommend continuing this kind of workshop in future too for many other supervisors of different medical colleges/institutes of Nepal.

- Dr. Daya Ram Pokharel (Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry)Pokhara, Nepal

 It was amazing to meet, interact and learn from you all in the Thesis supervision workshop. 
Tips from Prof. Jef, stimulus from Dr. Lai, care from Prof. Rupa, patience of Prof. Adi, humility of Fitri, openness of Dr. Arpana, assuring speech of Dr. Upendra, note keeping by Dr. Deva, alertness of Dr. Paricha, friendship of Drs. Nirmala and Rajendra, daring questioning of Dr. Raju, simplicity of Drs. Ashish, Suman and Prakash, straightness of Gayanand. All are Gems glittering in my mind....... one or other way showing the path to enrichment and progress. Thanks again!  Please keep in touch.

- Dhana Ratna Shakya (Additional Professor, Dept. of  Psychiatry), NEPAL

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