2015 workshop on student assessment-Closing remarks

01 Nov 2015


Good afternoon! First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you for successfully completing the training on “New concepts in Students’ assessment”

What is not assessed is not learnt. If we want to make sure students learn what we want them to learn, we also have to make sure it is assessed because assessment drives learning.  Over these 3 days, we engaged ourselves in lots of activities starting from a revisiting our curriculum, learnt attributes of assessment, formative, summative assessments, roles of feedback in assessment, brainstormed on skill competence and performance assessment. We designed many MCQs and learnt basics of item analysis, revised our MEQ, SAQ, SLAQ question framing. We also worked on process assessment in PBL and community based learning. We explored OSCE/OSPE, DOPS, Mini CEX. We discussed on structured versus non-structured  viva. We also learnt portfolio through jigsaw and explored ways to incorporate it in our teaching programs. We also saw how creativity can be evoked in students.  We also went through the ethical and professional attributes with different scenarios. We did hands-on on blueprinting. Actually we designed a blueprint for the NMC’s planned clinical skill assessment. Last but not the least we evaluated ourselves in terms of academic standards. 

Now let us spend some time acknowledging the contribution of people involved in making this event a successful one. Let us all clap and show our appreciation with a big round of applause.

Last but not the least I would thank all of you who showed team spirit and contributed to discussions and group work which made the program more fruitful. “Thank you” With this we have come to the end of this program. Thank you. 

Dr. Jyotsna Rimal, MDS, PGDHP, FAIMER-FRI Fellow

Additional Professor and Head

Oral Medicine and Radiology

College of Dental Surgery

Co-ordinator, HPE core group

Health Professions Education Department

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


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