The first granted LINQED exchange project

An exchange proposal on student assessment proposed by our two LINQED members: PUCE (Eduador) and UMSS (Bolivia) was accepted with recommendations by LINQED Executive Committee members. In order to facilitate the implementation process, the following recommendations have been given to the two institutions based on a detailed evaluation. The exchange organizers have taken these comments into account while planning & implementing the exchange project.


Concerning the relevance of the workshop

It is strongly recommended to establish a link between the LINQED student assessment (SA) framework and the SA workshop. It will be good if the outcomes of your workshop can be used as an example on how the (selected criteria of) LINQED student assessment framework can be implemented in specific educational settings and how such an implementation may enhance internal quality assurance processes.

Concerning the number & type of workshop participants

  1. In the project proposal, not enough information was given on how many people from PUCE will attend the workshop. To ensure sufficient impact of the workshop, it was recommended that minimum 10-15 people should participate in the workshop. With a sufficient number of participants, the investment in this exchange project becomes worthwhile.
  2. It was also recommended, when talking about student assessment, that not only teachers but also student representatives should be invited to the workshop. In this way, we can have a clear view on how current assessment is perceived by students (whether the rationales behind were well understood by students and whether students value the positive impact of current assessment on their learning, etc.). Taking the perspectives of teachers & students, the workshop may provide participants a wonderful chance to deepen their understanding of both the summative and formative aspects of assessment. Consequently, the workshop may produce a variety of comprehensive solutions to further improve student assessment practice at individual & institutional levels.

Concerning the after-workshop follow-up activities

The submitted proposal was conceived as a starting point for the development of internal quality assurance at PUCE & UMSS. Therefore, the stated outcome of the project - constructing a prescriptive student assessment framework will not be the end of the story. It is expected that the workshop organizers will think ahead on what follow-up activities can be necessary for monitoring the implementation and impact of the framework.

Concerning the reporting of the workshop

It is expected that in May 2012 lessons learnt from the workshop will be reported to the LINQED general assembly (Quito workshop). We believe that your experience will be very valuable for all the members to further improve student assessment in their institutions.


LINQED executive members:

  • Gandes Retno Rahayu
  • Balthazar Ngoy-Fiama
  • Kavya Rangaswamy
  • Cecilia Vaca Jones

LINQED Academic Coordinator:

  • Lai Jiang


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