Antwerp workshop 2008

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Quality in education in the first LINQED workshop

The first workshop of LINQED was centered on the question which themes in education were common for the network members. After an exploration in the themes 'education and the field', 'e-learning' and 'quality in education', it became clear that the concern for quality in education was present throughout all the sessions.

Quality in education was considered as a common and unifying theme among network members, over all different contexts and interests. But a lot of questions were still open:

  • Network members have different needs with regards to this topic, as they are in different stages: some are developing new courses, others have specific needs (e.g. with regards to e-learning), some are mostly interested in gaining (inter)national accreditation, ...
  • Network members have a different understanding about what quality is. The need was expressed to clarify dimensions of quality.
  • Even though some network members expressed a need for guidelines and standardization, the primary goal of this network should not (yet) be about setting standards, but about exchanging experiences, frameworks, tools etc... This calls for a formative, more than a summative approach.

The first workshop resulted in the choice for the organisation of a new workshop in 2009, focused on the exploration of the concept of quality and on the definition of a roadmap.


  1. To share experiences on quality in education by discussing practices from different institutes.
  2. To learn from each other:
    • To make the link between practices and background ideas about learning and teaching.
    • To find ways of strengthening each others' practices.
  3. To advance as a network in the conceptual discussion on quality.
  4. To be trained in new methods.
  5. To further develop tools to coordinate and monitor the network. 


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