Bangalore WORKSHOP 2015

Group Picture Bangalore


25-28 May, 2015 LINQED organized its seventh annual workshop in Bangalore, India. The main themes of this workshop are cooperative learning, 4 components instructional design and thesis supervision (critical thinking). The workshop consisted of interactive sessions where participants worked individually, in pairs and in groups. Everyone was stimulated to learn from each other via discussing, reflecting and practicing.

Before the workshop, some articles were shared on the workshop themes. You can find them here. We recommend 3 more articles for these who are interested in further exploring the themes.

1. Cooperative learning: Johnson and Johnson's five pillar model (parts of the article were used in the workshop session)

2. Competence-based curriculum development

   The “Blueprints for Complex Learning: The 4C/ID-Model” model, Jeroen G. van Merriënboer; 

3. A framework of thesis supervision: Ann Lee’s model

   Critical thinking session hand-out used in the 2013 workshop

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