Dear All,

To allow efficient brainstorming and discussion in the curriculum design session, you are all kindly requested to read the following 2 articles and consult the information on the following weblinks before the session (27th May):

1. van Merriënboer, J. J. G., Clark, R. E., de Croock, M. B. M. (2002). Blueprints for complex learning: The 4C/ID-model, Educational Technology Research and Development, Volume 50, Issue 2 , pp 39-61.DOI: 10.1007/BF02504993

Note: In order to help you to fully understand the essence of the model and be able to apply some of the design principles, concrete examples (text & video) will be provided in the workshop. In group, you will work together to analyse the examples and exchange your thoughts. So if there are some concepts unclear to you after reading, no worries, we will work it out in the workshop !


2. Zwanikken PA1, Alexander L, Huong NT, Qian X, Valladares LM, Mohamed NA, Ying XH, Gonzalez-Robledo MC, Linh le C, Wadidi MS, Tahir H, Neupane S,Scherpbier A. 2014. Validation of public health competencies and impact variables for low- and middle-income countriesBMC Public Health. DOI:10.1186/1471-2458-14-55

Please Note: We are aware that the methodology used in this article is debatable. The purpose of introduce this article is to let you aware of the discussions on public health competencies. We suggest you to scan through this article, read the table 2 in results section (p.7).


In the workshop, we will focus on a few competences mentioned in this artcle and design jointly two short competence-based training blueprints for district health officers.   You may choose one of the following topics before 26th May.

Topic 1: design a training for organizing effective meeting

Context information: 

a. A Job description of the district health officer (This is just an example, not necessarily the best description.)

Topic 2: design a training for becoming a good supervisor

Context information: 

 a. Supportive supervision in district health district

After reading the background informaiton please make you choice in this form.


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