Rabat Workshop 2009

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LINQED workshop 2 - Quality in Education

The first workshop (in November 2008) focused on the exploration of educational themes that would be relevant for the network. This attention was complemented by a focus on networking as such, based on the assumption that networking requires attention, if we want LINQED to become a sustainable, efficient and effective network.

Thematically, the second workshop builds on the results of the first workshop. The topic Quality in Education was decided to be a theme of interest to everyone, over all different contexts and interests. It was also stated the workshop should focus on learning from each other, on learning more about how Quality in Education works in different contexts and on a formative approach more than a summative approach.

Apart from the attention for the topic at hand, a year after the network’s inception, attention to network - building remains equally important. Issues we’ll have to deal with are for instance: Where are we now in the network? How much of a network are we? What do we need to do in order to strengthen communication in - between workshops?

This double focus - both on quality in education and on network-building - is translated in the objectives, programme and methodology of the workshop.


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